Monday, June 26, 2006

Reece, Looks All Go, Go, Go,....but I Bet,...

I bet once Reece has had his fill of "Race around the yard", he would be as happy as a tornado in a trailerpark, settle in for some soft pats, and maybe a little ice cream!!!,....

Reece,...??? Maybe Should Be "Race"?

He would be great with some teen-age boys to romp with--because that is what he does,....

Gets along well with my 8 dogs--

Reece,... On a Mission!!

Loves to point birds and even bees

He is very intense when he is after something -whether it is stalking a robin or trying to get a ball out from under the bed.

Meet Runnin Reece!!

He is constantly on the go--just a happy-go-lucky boy